Social Activities

Each year, aside from organizing internal events, we seek to be more actively involved in activities that improve the lives and conditions of disadvantaged communities in remote areas of Vietnam.

A sound mind must go hand-in-hand with a sound body. In order to promote a healthier lifestyle among members of AN Legal, everyone gathered to join the 5K run of the Olympic Running Day 2021.

In response to the campaign initiated by the Government, AN Legal was thrilled to contribute into the national fund supporting the purchase and distribution of vaccines with the dual objectives: "to defeat the pandemic and to get life back on track".

Together with the Vietnam Business Lawyers Club reaching the farfetched corner of An Hoa Thinh commune, Huong Son, Ha Tinh Province, AN Legal sincerely hopes that our small contribution help our compatriots through devasting times of natural disasters.

Another school year has come as Van Lang University welcomed Generation 26th this November. AN Legal was over the moon to be part of the captivating Convocation Ceremony 2020 - 2021 with other firms to grant the prestigious Corporate Scholarships.

Investing in the next generation of the legal field is one of our priorities. Therefore, once again, we share the joy with the Mock Trial Club of the Ho Chi Minh University of law to be one of the Diamond Sponsors for the “Giảng đường pháp luật” Competition.

Our firm was honored to be part of the “Giảng đường pháp luật” Competition, hosted by the Mock Trial Club of Ho Chi Minh University of Law, as one of the Diamond Sponsors. The journey certainly sparks joy and excitement!